Friday, October 5, 2012

Honeymoon in Hawaii!

Hey guys! Things are a lot more calm around here now that the wedding is over! I'M LOVING IT! :) We've been married for almost a month now and everything is going great!! Three weeks ago, for our honeymoon we went to Hawaii! Y'all. Hawaii is AMAZING! We went to the island of Oahu (the island with Honolulu).  I loved every part of it.  We stayed in a resort called Ko'Olina.  It was picture-perfect! It had a beautiful lagoon, amazing restaurants, awesome pools, and beachside massages! Then about 20 minutes away was the city of Honolulu, with big buildings (y'all I'm from Arkansas where they are no big buildings), premium designer shopping (while beachside!), fun restaurants and so many things to do.  Then about 20 minutes from that were beautiful mountains covered in gorgeous trees and amazing views!  We had so much fun and I wish we could go back now.

Side story, On our way there our flights were delayed due to the pilot of our flight wanting a redo on the paperwork and searching of his first flight of the day.  We missed our flight at LAX by literally FIVE minutes!  We got off of our flight, RAN (like un run rudolph style on Home Alone) to our next flight (which was only two gates away..) and the door was closed, no worker was there, and the plane was still sitting there at the gate.  We, along with about 8 other people needing on that flight as well, watched our plane back up and leave.  We were crushed.  They put us up in a La Quinta in LA and $12 food vouchers.  Haha.. At least we were together right?  :) All was good in the morning when we boarded our flight and arrived to Hawaii!

Our first day there, we had lunch at a restaurant on the beach, then immediately hit up the pool!  We were so relieved to finally be relaxed and enjoying each other's company as husband and wife!  That night we had some drinks at the bar on the beach, and then went to a yummy sushi restaurant!

The next day we went out to the beach, drank some yummy mai tais, then went in and got ready to go to a Luau!  It was so much fun! We dressed up, had some GREAT food and watched the fabulous show full of fun dancing, singing, amazing costumes and comedy!

The next day we drove around the WHOLE island!  It was so much fun to go into the city, drive through the mountains, and then go to the beaches around the island.  We went to a beautiful beach, climbed on some rocks and found sea turtles that swam right up to the rocks!  It was really cool and we had a lot of fun!  We were so tired when we finally got back to the resort so we just got some food and stayed in. 

The next day we just sat by the pool all day then that night we went on a sunset cruise on a catamaran!  It was a lot of fun!

Friday we layed by the pool again then that night went into Honolulu and went out to eat!  We walked around the city and had a great time!

On our last day we went over to the other side of the island and ate at a place called "Boots n' Kimos".  OMG they have pancakes covered in macadamia nut sauce that are TO DIE FOR!! If you ever go to Oahu then you HAVE to go there!  Best breakfast ever!  Then we went to the beach one last time.  That night we went to a really nice dinner on the beach and I wore a lei! :)  haha We were sad to go home the next day!

I know that was a TON of pictures, but I hope you enjoyed them all!  We had a great time and I can't wait to go back one day!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long Time No See!

GOODNESS have I been a busy girl!! Over the last couple of months I was a bridesmaid in my bestie's wedding, finished my summer semester in grad school (and GOT AN A!), had my bachelorette party in Dallas, and GOT MARRIED!!! :) Oh yeah and just got back from HAWAII!!  It has all flown by so fast and I hadn't had any time to blog.   I'm taking a semester off of grad school because I didn't want to neglect school with everything else going on.  So with all of this extra time that I have now, hopefully I can really start my blog!  Life as a new wifey to my sexy cowboy! :) I have so much to tell too! Today I'll just throw out some pics of all the fun events that have been going on to catch everyone up!  I'll post a few pictures from our wedding, but more once I get the professional pics from Benfield Photography. This week they're showcasing our wedding so go check it out! You can also go look at my sisters' blogs Rachel and Tara, they have both made a post about the wedding.  Here we go!!

A few pictures from my second bridal shower 

Some pictures from my best friend Leslie's wedding! So much fun!!

Weekend of FUN at my Bachelorette party!!

My Bridesmaids Luncheon

Setting up our reception in my "Bride" Tshirt!

Pictures from our Rehearsal Dinner, I didn't get very many :(

AND some pictures my sister got on our wedding day!!!

WHEW!! I'm exhausted just looking at all of these! But I wish I could live it all over again! :) One last pic, from our honeymoon ;) which will have a whole post of its own!

Hope you've all enjoyed!! I'll be back soon! xo